INBOUND MARKETING–A new era for Digital Marketing

Solicitation is officially dead for the modern marketer!

In this new world where we strive and work hard towards being relevant, it is hard to put ourselves in a position where we have to ‘beg for attention’. In the traditional world where everyone had few options we would always win our audience by increasing our #ShareOfVoice in any given media. For instance if the audience changed channels while our advertisement was playing we could simply increase the advertisements to be present on all channels. However today they would just turn off their television and download their visual entertainment! The options have increased, the attention span has reduced and the inertia has slowed any response to procrastination.

60 seconds of gadgets

Try it!

Take a newspaper and scream the latest #news on the sidewalk and see if anyone cares? You might have a taxi driver stop by and tell you that he just read that news on his mobile phone! OR you might have an old gentlemen ask you to bring your voice down cause there is so much of latest news these days that even the headliners are confused!

So you think you are part of the new age digital marketing industry?

How many ads do you notice online in a day? How many of them do you read and click through? Fewer…. Now, how many of the products do you remember? Digital marketing was a replacement for Lester Wunderman’s direct marketing but has outgrown its own options! If we are to engage and interact with our potential customers we must speak to them as equals and not as a vendor of paid goods!!

A new era for Digital Marketing – INBOUND MARKETING

There is more work involved, now don’t run away! it diminishes as you work harder towards it. Inbound marketing refers to pertinence of content in the right place and that precise moment that a potential audience is looking for it. For example if you were looking for Inbound Marketing, you would turn first to Google who would show you that this was a brain child of in USA. The keywords and SEO work has been a constant effort of hubspot since 2006 which has rewarded them with fine timing on Google. You might argue that advertising is based more on a departmental concept rather than a rice shopping mission. Then again, say we were reading an article on the plummeting gold prices in the US and found a link to a podcast from a veteran consultant of the BFSI sector who spoke about how won should invest in gold in India as it is still a good hedge for inflation here. The veteran just happened to be from ABC bank which becomes your first logical choice for the investment!  Hence inbound marketing can work in several scenarios as it follows the directive of  feeding on customer interest. Its like a pied piper who makes consumers who find certain information relevant follow the information to your house where you can discuss your brand values over a soft one way conversation and yet get solicited response!

The question now really is whether you want to beg for leads or work towards having them come over to you? is going inbound from this day on which means a lot of hard work, losing some clients and work force but we believe this is the future trend.

Do you measure your work?

INTRODUCTION: Rakesh Sonawane – web programmer at digicat, just completed a year at digicat and has written his first blog on “Measure” Rakesh joined us as a fresher and his learning curve has been the most impressive – he came with knowledge of basic java and toady codes in advanced CSS, java, PHP, MySQL and wishes to learn joomla and open-source coding languages. Over to Rakesh’ first blog below: –

IT’S 9 p.m. at the office. I’ve been working all day!

I want to finish all my tasks for the day and go home but the tasks never seem to end. I came in at 9 a.m. and was told that I have been slow in completing my tasks!!

You must have faced this situation at some point in your work life? Or am I the only web programmer who gets the fat end of the stick? So when my superior pulled me up, I told him that I had more tasks than the others, he just explained what others do and it seemed like I was in a well drowning in my own woes L

He then asked me if I was measuring what I was doing? Apparently it turned out that I was not! To me measuring your task meant coming in early and getting out late. At digicat we do not have any set time for working hours, so why was I the only one leaving late?

Is it really that necessary to measure your work; what are we supposed to measure in our work? Why should I measure my work performance? These are the questions I asked whenever I was told to measure my work. Perhaps I was missing something here….

Let us now consider these questions and try and see if measuring my work can really  help me finish my work early.

Why Measure?

As you might guess, we spend a lot of time making sure our work supports reporting on key metrics that affect our KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Why bother measuring and reporting? Well, to simplify the famous quote below, because to improve anything, you first have to measure it.

H. James Harrington” once said – “Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it.”

What to Measure?

More to the point, we get questions often about what to measure. At software engineering studies we normally measure productivity in terms of time to complete a specific task, or lines of code per effort-hour. Anything that drops a few points into our company KPI (Key Performance Indicator).The KPI is itself set, to measure our contribution to the company, so why does the company measure my work; so we can control it and improve it.

One of the biggest issues with measuring something is that as soon as you start measuring it, it just starts improving!

What are the types of measures?

There are two types of measurement, quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative measurement is what we are all accustomed to, line of code written, bugs per module, bugs per line of code, etc. whereas qualitative measurement refers to the efficiency or improvement gaining factor that has to be measured like defect turnaround time, percentage of coverage given to a unit of test code (unit test code coverage percentage).

Measuring your work helps you answer the questions:

  • How confident are you in contributing to the progress of the Organization?
  • Have you made any difference at work in the past month or year?
  • How mush of difference has your existence made to the organization in in the past month or year?
  • Do you feel more satisfied with your job?
  • Can you complete the same quantum of work with better quality in lesser time?
  • What part of the work needs to be improved?

Work is a part of our life and just as we measure other aspects of our life, it’s important that we also measure our work. Basically, work performance measures cover your quality of work, quantity of work, adaptability, job knowledge, initiative and dependability. In other words- goals, processes and the results.

Some concepts or tools developed to measure your work – Pareto principle, JIT, Six Sigma and many more.

At Digicat “We opt for the task / work rather than being assigned a job by my superior”, in other words we have a bottom-up approach! Would love to hear your views on how you measure your work and if there was something new you were able to learn in the process?

Designing a good Email Template!

The email newsletter is indeed a powerful marketing and communication tool. It reminds your users about you; it informs users about your products; it tells them what you have been up to; and most importantly it helps you build a unique relationship with them. Users like email newsletters if the newsletters bring them value.

Most Heavy Internet users generally check their e-mail more than once a day. Even constantly busy ones will take time to go through their messages at least once a day. This is the perfect time to capture attention even without requiring visits to your site. Even if nobody is clicking through your links, the information is still received, which is great for building a brand name.

At digicat we believe that the fundamental rule for creating an email newsletter is to give it interesting, relevant and up-to-date information that creates curiosity to read. Users sign up for newsletters hoping to be informed about things that they would not otherwise be able to find out about. Digicat Blog,  discusses eight guidelines for designing and distributing email newsletters. So here are a eight guidelines on creating an effective newsletter.

1. Utilize Tables in your Layouts

This may seem a bit contradictory towards today’s modern web standards, but unfortunately tables are the easiest way to get everything working properly among the various e-mail clients.

You may also wonder why div and other block elements are not such a good idea, but for your knowledge most e-mail clients are built to strip away any extraneous CSS content. Clients such as Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Google’s Gmail have very poor support for floated elements and direct positioning. The best solution would be to nest multiple tables inside each other.

2. Fixed-Width Positioning

At digicat we believe in being minimalists and traditional in code design for emails; hence few options exist when building drafts for your newsletter layout, however the best option to follow is to set fixed widths for your containing table. There are many varying monitor resolutions — you won’t be able to please everybody. If you don’t have particular elements with static widths, you could always use width=”100%” on your containing table. This will allow your content to fill the entire width of all e-mail clients.

3. Anchor Links Best Practices

You’ll surely want to include some links into your newsletter. These could be outbound links to other pages around the web, or maybe links leading to the most popular pages on your website but how should you handle all of these links in your design?

A neat trick is to include both inline color and an additional span tag within the anchor element. If the color and styling of your links are important to the overall design you’ll want to take the extra precaution.

As a presumption users will also expect your links to open in a new tab or window. Ideally the target=”_blank” attribute should be enough for all browsers to recognize this functionality.

4. Test in All Major Clients

A recent study of most popular e-mail clients (done by Campaign Monitor) shows ten of the most popular e-mail clients in the past year. It may seem a bit tedious but designers should get into the habit of checking their newsletters on all major e-mail clients, at the very least on some of the more common clients such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail.


* 2011 Report by Campaign Monitor

5. Always Offer Web-Based Views

Readers won’t always be able (or be willing) to view your e-mail natively. Offering another version somewhere on the Web will give a sense of ease and compatibility. Hence all our email designs at digicat carry a “click here if you are unable to see this email” link which provides a web version.

6. Adding Image Content

Images are another reason to offer your readers a web-based solution. By default, e-mail clients are set to strip images out of the content. If your address is added to a safe list, all images will be displayed by default, but the user has to accept this setup so it’s certainly not a guarantee. However it is part of the checklist in getting your email into that INBOX.

Once you get to exporting graphics there are a few tips to building images specifically for e-mail. You’ll want to always set both width and height attributes on your <img> tags. Without these specifications in order, some clients will distort the image content. An alt tag will also prove useful, so visitors will know what the image content contains before it’s loaded.

As mentioned before, positioning the images in your e-mail can get tricky. Avoid using floats at all costs! The image align=”left” attribute will work much better, or alternatively map out exact table cells to fit your images along the top, left, or right side of your newsletter. As for image storage, it’s recommended that you keep all files in your own Web server.

7. Avoid the Spam Folder!

This can be difficult to hear, but not all e-mail clients are friendly towards newsletters. There are billions of e-mails sent every day and the majority contains spam or malicious content, thus having these security measures built into the Inbox is clearly for safety precautions. However when it comes to Internet marketing, you can easily be discouraged to see your latest newsletter end up with in junk. To reduce the chances of this happening you should clean up your design for simplicity. Don’t make annoying images or blow up your title text with hundreds of keywords.

8. Always provide a link to Unsubscribe.

While many argue that an unsubscribe link prompts users to click on it. Most research has shown that the Unsubscribe link not being present only adds to distrust and the user may junk the email not knowing if the sender is genuine. An Unsubscribe link adds trust and shows the user the sender has the best intentions for the privacy of the recipient. Always add and make sure that your Unsubscribe links really work and test them well!

Email Marketing–Best Practices

Email marketing is constantly evolving and has resulted in a larger checklist of norms and standards that must be followed to achieve desired results. Subscribers have become tired of receiving multiple Emails daily and generally don’t respond to email newsletters the way they used to, this has made Email Marketers re-think their email marketing strategy. As email service providers become more strict and force email marketers to find different strategies to make subscribers open their email communication, users are now awakening to the idea of segregating bulk email from priority and spam. By implementing behaviorally triggered email campaigns that send the right content at the right time, email marketers are able to achieve better results, however this takes more than a few tools to achieve. This cannot be done if you ignore the basic best practices for bulk email.

Email service providers have provided segregated types of Inboxes. Gmail provides Priority Inbox which automatically organizes emails based on importance by running a script that checks the sender, conversation and type of content.  Hotmail has also smartened and replaced the old “This is Spam” button with a newer “Sweep” feature, which allows recipients to remove unwanted emails without negatively impacting the sender’s reputation (This feature actually brought a million dollar smile on email marketers faces). The spam button has become a quick way for users to disassociate with bulk email; however, many of the messages technically aren’t spam as the subscribers initially opted-in to the senders’ lists. But with all these advances in Inbox segregation, the fact still remains that, ‘inboxes are crowded’.
email marketing

In order to make sure that your email is seen and opened in a crowded world. You first need to get your email into the inbox and secondly have a great subject line to lure to consumer to open your email. We have listed a few of the best practices that you should follow for any bulk email marketing program to get your email into the INBOX.

Deliverability best practices include:-
-Using a dedicated IP address
-Using rotational IP Scheme
-Configuring your email server correctly
-Authenticating your messages
-Having authority to send the messages
-Monitoring bounces and complaints
-Getting proper feedback from subscribers
-Sending messages to a seed list to test deliverability and render ability in different email clients
-Checking for blacklisting
-Removing or suppressing inactive/bounce subscribers
-Sending relevant and timely messages
-Avoiding “spam” words and tactics, such as including an IP address in links, typing the subject line in all caps and/or bold letters, etc.

Having a clean/hygiene list always helps to increase the deliverability of you Business Campaigns. In a nutshell, you need to keep an eye out to make sure your email list contains 100% valid email addresses.

At Digicat, we run best practices for you as a bulk email service. If your List contains invalid Email ID’s, we sort this out, and will look out for hard bounces due to invalid email addresses and automatically unsubscribe them for you.

Once you make it to the inbox, here are some tips for standing out Subject Line:
-Use short, intriguing subject lines which explains your email content in short
-Have a specific subject line that forces the subscribers to open the Email
-Try and understand what subscribers demand or need from you?
-Be specific and set the right expectations
-Identify your company in the From line
And, when your emails are opened, be sure they:
-Have a clear call-to-action
-Render correctly
-Contain links that go to specific landing pages
-Maintain your corporate branding
-Are relevant to subscribers


These tips are pretty simple, but sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the new trends and lose sight of the basics!!

Which Email Marketing Software Service should I rent?

Email service providers provide different options like SAAS, cloud, plugin and server options. While these are detailed options post first level filtering. Your first level search may only include Deliverability and Pricing!

For email marketing you need an email marketing software solution. At we decided to compile the list of top email service providers worldwide for you! We have gone through various email marketing service providers and ranked them based on features and pricing.Email marketing is essential for Lead Generation and Business Development and is probably the first low hanging fruit that every business and startups discover.

The oldest form of communication on the internet has evolved and the better you carry your email marketing strategy the more business you develop for you company/product. There are a lot of different email marketing software available in the market but to categorize and choose one which suits your Business Domain needs some time consuming research work. Since we at digicat believe that we should work in increasing value for our clients, we decided to put the list together for you.

While this blog may not give you a complete picture, it will give you a starting point in assessing your email marketing software vendor. Here we focus on pricing of email marketing software’s as price and deliverability per email sent is one of the largest challenges before choosing an email service provider.

“2012 Best Email Marketing Service Comparisons and Reviews” provide the following five as the top ranked email service providers in the world.

Rank 1: iContact
Rank 2: Benchmark Email
Rank 3: Constant Contact
Rank 4: Pinpointe
Rank 5: GetResponse

Since we are an Indian firm, we decided to check out their Indian rupee pricing to give an exact comparison. The following table explains the pricing, along with the number of Contacts/Email ID’s in your list. The pricing is on Monthly frequency and hence priced accordingly.

Contact Limit


Benchmark Email

Constant Contact



Up to 500 Contacts






Up to 1,000 Contacts






Up to 2,500 Contacts






Up to 5,000 Contacts






Up to 10,000 Contacts






Up to 25,000 Contacts






Pricing as on September 2012

Email marketing services are an excellent way for your business to professionally communicate with your potential subscribers and customers. Regular newsletters and advertising email campaigns allow you to grow your business effectively, and surveys give you valuable feedback.

However, email marketing has evolved to more than choosing the right service provider. You would need to comprehend metrics such as “CTOR” and Open % or just plain html do’s and don’t’s to understand why your email is reaching the spam folder or not getting delivered to your intended base! Albert Einstein once said, “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” What Einstein had said might hit the very base of email metrics, for instance in which email do I need to look at open % and which email should I concentrate on or bounce%. Digicat Digital marketing comes with several years of expertise to decipher what should be counted and when. We are a full service agency that helps you with designing your email, landing pages and even tell you where your submit button would gain greater responses. Digicat is a consulting firm that helps you get better conversions and reduces your cost of acquisition. For more details click here.

GMAIL will soon beat Microsoft and Yahoo to be the Number 1 Email Client service provider!

What you will find in this blog: A re-check on Gmail‘s game-plan that keeps email marketers guessing.

Google still remains the undisputed Search Engine with the current ranking Number 1 with total visits 1,498,075,355 which is 65.08% comparing with other search engines till 1st July 2012. Gmail Empowered by Google the Web Mail Service Provider – Gmail is at the third position of the “Top Websites Visited” behind Facebook and YouTube according to analysis done by Experian Hitwise USA on 21st July 2012.

Microsoft’s Hotmail also known as windows live mail, the first large scale email service maintains the top position with Yahoo securing the second place and Gmail at the third position but in recent years the graph is tipping; with Gmail moving north. If the current statistics are to be believed, Gmail is fast moving ahead of Yahoo and Hotmail, the only other two competing Web Mail Providers.

So what attracts users to Gmail?

The answer is the same as why Google is the top search engine. Gmail makes ‘email’ easy to find sort and discover.

Gmail–Priority Inbox. One more reason Gmail is going to be No. 1

Easy to Use

It is really all in the spam filters used by Gmail which comes from years of research in algorithm and search filtering. Gmail segregates email sent by various bulk email senders based on a robust algorithm that culls out the good from the bad. The filters are washed against a checklist that is very different than the ones present in Yahoo and Hotmail. The ease of use and convenience provided by Gmail makes your mail sorting task simpler and more quick. Gmail actually figures which email, From who, with what importance should be placed where!

gmail screen shot with pointers on gmail help

Gmail sorts your email intuitively

Sorting of emails

Gmail does not only segregate emails but also has checks against malware and virus. Notice how it scans any attachment and informs you if it is safe to download.With such a strong filtering process it is no wonder that your relatives and friends are easily able to reach you while spam stays behind in the spam folder. The growth of Gmail over other email service providers has seen a rather progressive evolution and that is what puts Gmail ahead of the game.

Discover your emails

Keeping spam out is not the only reason for users being sticky on Gmail. So what then makes Gmail more intuitive than other email service providers?

Gmail learnt very early that online users seek interactive engagement. It is not possible for Gmail to comprehend a billion users and what they would see as legitimate email and spam. Hence Gmail gave control to the users early on. Notice when you write “attachment” in your email but do not attach any file, Gmail asks you if you missed the attachment? Yes they conduct not just a spell check but also a keyword search on your emails.

The whole premise of Gmail is that conversations and labels help their users keep a clean and tidy Inbox. Engaged email are those that interact with users through message opens and clicks. Engagement means clicking, scrolling, deleting, and marking as important. Engagement also means marking as spam or starring certain emails or just marking as unread. While interacting you are constantly informing Gmail about the sender’s reputation.

This is precisely why Gmail gives consumerism a name on the internet! Users now decide how bulk email marketers like ourselves (digicat) interact with you and placate you constantly to keep our IPs clean and away from your spam folder!


While researching on beating email service provider spam filters we discovered that these filters are really not meant for spam but to help marketers like ourselves stay in your inbox. Therefore, we at Digicat felt that it was important to understand our biggest hurdles and befriend their intentions. This way we collaborate with Gmail to help our customer communication reach their inbox. Email Marketing at digicat comes from years of experience and constant research of Email service provider intentions. We do not study their algorithms, we study their intentions and hence achieve above standard deliver-ability rates.

At Digicat we work on email communication with a checklist that begins with a static IP and ends at a conversation with our client’s customers. We look forward to sharing our research on various email service providers with you and hope that you will collaborate with us in communicating better without misconceiving good intentions as a hurdle.

Happy Mothers Day

This morning our house caretaker walked in asking for a loan so she could educate her son in college. She could not even pronounce or read the name of his college but brought all his papers over to show me that she needed the loan which she could repay over the year. If you are not blessed with wealth, being blessed with a mother may be all you need!

Wishing each and every mother as she is a blessing not in disguise!

Mothers Day was invented in US by the efforts of Anna Marie Jarvis who campaigned to make it a National Holiday on May 8th 1914 by President Woodrow Wilson. Mothers Day is mostly represented by Carnations given to the best mother. However, this day ahs been heavily commercialized and today the digital world offers a lot more gifts for your mother. The most precious being new ways to wish her.

The digital world is one that is as recent as days like Mother’s Day. However, in effect the digital world has not only made the world smaller but also closer and helps make mothers feel more special! On this day several corporates, individuals and groups take time out to wish mothers on this special day in memory of all the sacrifices, efforts and creativity she has shown in order to make you and me a cushioned future. Some of the non-commercial wishes to each every mother that I could find on the internet are listed below.

Google doodle on Mothers day


A complete website dedicated to Mothers:

Youtube changes their logo to messages brought forth through Mother’ day to support a cause.






Twitter was no exception with Justin Bieber taking advantage with his new song.
#Happy Mothers Day being the top trending tweets this morning.


These days are great to wish and bring our loved ones close, However, I still believe that a phone call and wishing my mother or spending time with her has always been more effective than money’s worth.

Wishing each and every mother a Happy Mother’s Day – You are special!

World Health Day

World Health Organisation (WHO) was established in 1948, created on 7th April 1950; “” to be celebrated every year on this day. This day was created to draw worldwide attention to a subject of major importance to global health each year.

For 2012 the focus is on Ageing and good health that adds years to your life. Hence the theme for this year is, Good Health Adds Years to Life.

While technology has helped us improve the quality of life, it has also taken years away from our life. Technology comes with its own side effects.

electric towerartFor instance most wireless technology uses microwaves to transmit data across the air. We are exposed to various forms of radiation that are caused by technology that forms part of our daily lives, Mobile phones and cell towers, Wifi routers, Television, cordless phones and electrical gridlines.

The intention is to draw your attention to the effects of these devices and the norms that need to be implemented to mitigate their ill effects. If we decide to inform the sellers of such devices that we will not be willing to purchase a device unless it meets certain norms, we will be able to add years to our life.

EMR or Electromagnetic radiation is a wave of radiation that affects not just humans but all living beings including plants. Anything that uses electricity creates electromagnetic fields of radiation around it. The intensity may vary depending on the quantum of electricity used. This means that transformers and electric gridlines would form the highest creators of electromagnetic radiation. While these are contained by absorbers, today we have more modern users of DC current which emit greater amounts of EMFs. For instance an iron box would emit Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) of radiation whereas a television may emit high intensity of radiation and monitors even more. Hence more modern technology uses High frequency (HRF) of EMR in the range of Microwaves. A cordless phone operates in the same range as a microwave oven!

pinealWhen we are exposed to such radiation, it mostly affects your pineal gland which controls hormonal balance in your body. The affects are not fatal in short periods and hence most government are sceptical about its effects and are taking a neutral stance calling it a non-issue until there is a fatality linked to such radiation.

For more details on EMF you can visit WHO reports on exposure to EMF and its effects here. So why is this a major concern in India? Our government has one of the worst norms for radiation level compliance putting our life in the hands of service providers money power.


On this day, I would urge you to add years to your life by spreading the message on EMF and its affects so we may create better norms and continue to convenience our lives with technology.

Stepping out of college for my first job!

In the past year, we have been consolidating our efforts towards building Digicat as a start-up company. As Chanakya, once said “without people there is no country” and without employees there is no company. Roch (Campaign Manager for email marketing) has contributed his view of moving from education to earning in the corporate world and his experiences.

I thought we should share this interesting note from Roch on our blog.

Considering the last day of my college, it was actually difficult to believe that I need to ‘mend my life’ now onwards. It almost gave me a feeling of being culled out of my social life, after college got over the term, “existing in world” came into my mind. Being a fresher it was like being a newly born baby who had to learn all things on its own. Nothing seemed to work as I used to believe while getting into a college.

colorgraduateInterviews seemed like hell, at the end of every interview the thought of getting selected were suffused in my mind but the interview always used to end with “Thanks for coming, we will call and let you know”, however that call never came. First job for me was really difficult to find, not because there are less companies but because a fraction of these companies excite a fresher. The situation was quite a hassle for me, being a fresher was like a below average student running to get admission in an engineering college.

Getting into a company that interests me was quite difficult as they weren’t showing any interest in me; so, I started looking for those who showed a little interest and thought that I may be capable enough to be a part of their corporate business. A thought prevailed in my mind, “the lessons we learn in college are nothing compared to what we learn after getting out of college”.

However my long wait was over when I finally got selected in an MNC as a software developer. After three stress filled rounds Aptitude, Technical and the final – a formal HR round. Now the question was how am I going to survive this corporate world? What sort of changes will it bring in my behaviour?

I still remember my first day in office, People seemed aggressive, was introduced to a new culture, and social life slowly vanished. Anyways, surviving teaches you everything. Initially it took me nearly a couple of months to simply adapt to the system but over time, rather than surviving; I actually started enjoying my life. Now looking at what I am today makes me feel proud of the steps that I took from college for my first job!

Stepping into an Entrepreneur’s shoes

Entrepreneur shoes

What is an entrepreneur and what kind of shoes does one have?

The Collins English dictionary defines an entrepreneur as a, “business person who attempts to make a profit by risk and initiative.” Hence the key activities of an entrepreneur are risk ones time, effort and money in order to gain the fruits of the initiative taken to gain an exponential value. This brings us down to equate entrepreneurial activities with ‘risk’ and ‘initiative’

Lets begin with ‘risk’. If we were to hypothesise that your ability to take risk defines your . Lets look more closely at what does risk really involve?

Risk is the act of doing something in spite of losing consequences. A bank gives you a loan taking on the risk of non-payment. This is a measured risk. Albeit, an entrepreneur cannot really measure the risk he or she is about to take, more so because they are averse to the consequences. They just initiate because they want to, the risk might even mean losing your lunch for a couple of days! This does not stop an entrepreneur from taking up the initiative. Hence there is no point measuring the risk of entrepreneurship, you either decide to dive into the pool and learn how to swim out or you don’t dive. This is where the calculation of risk ends.

Then entrepreneurship must always be about the ‘initiative’, the thirst that can only be quenched by implementing the initiative, the initiative that is the dream of the entrepreneur that must become reality…I am sure you have the picture by now. The sole of this shoe is ‘passion’ that drives the entrepreneur to create reality out of an initiative. This is the only thing that matters. Hence when you step into an entrepreneur’s shoes, if you start with risk the shoes never fit, if you start with passion, the shoes might give you less trouble and if you start with an initiative, the shoes can make you fly.

To step into an entrepreneurial shoe you must cover your feet with passion and build the path with an initiative that surpasses the pertinence of risk. The gains must be attained with each stride of passion and the destination brought closer as you implement into reality; a dream that has been carried by passion.

For the shoes to last there has to be scale, i.e. create more shoes and have others wear them! Hence spread the entrepreneurial seed and share the knowledge.

I welcome you to present your experiences of wearing on an entrepreneurial shoe. If you have a shoe on, please do write in and you could share your experiences through this blog even.