About Digicat | Digicat Blog

Digicat is an abbreviation for “digital catalyst”.

Digicat is a digital marketing company that consults and aids its clients to leverage digital media like the internet, social media, mobile – augmented reality, etc. to market their products or services based on consumer influences.

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To know more about digicat visit http://www.digicat.in

The purpose of this blog is to share our knowledge on digital marketing and our experience setting up the company and the nuisances we face while starting up. We would like to  corrugate our knowledge by sharing and discussing progressively on digital marketing on its trends with the readers of this blog.

We encourage you to comment, give feedback and criticism in both positive and negative tones in an endeavour to build progressive discussions. While the primary purpose of this blog has been to discuss digital marketing, we also indulge ourselves in related fields such as “Travel” and “Entrepreneurship”. 

If you would like to follow our blog on a regular basis, you could hit the RSS button and receive regular updates. We would like to listen to what you have to say and if you are also a blogger, do write in and spread the good word.

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