Stepping into an Entrepreneur’s shoes

Entrepreneur shoes

What is an entrepreneur and what kind of shoes does one have?

The Collins English dictionary defines an entrepreneur as a, “business person who attempts to make a profit by risk and initiative.” Hence the key activities of an entrepreneur are risk ones time, effort and money in order to gain the fruits of the initiative taken to gain an exponential value. This brings us down to equate entrepreneurial activities with ‘risk’ and ‘initiative’

Lets begin with ‘risk’. If we were to hypothesise that your ability to take risk defines your . Lets look more closely at what does risk really involve?

Risk is the act of doing something in spite of losing consequences. A bank gives you a loan taking on the risk of non-payment. This is a measured risk. Albeit, an entrepreneur cannot really measure the risk he or she is about to take, more so because they are averse to the consequences. They just initiate because they want to, the risk might even mean losing your lunch for a couple of days! This does not stop an entrepreneur from taking up the initiative. Hence there is no point measuring the risk of entrepreneurship, you either decide to dive into the pool and learn how to swim out or you don’t dive. This is where the calculation of risk ends.

Then entrepreneurship must always be about the ‘initiative’, the thirst that can only be quenched by implementing the initiative, the initiative that is the dream of the entrepreneur that must become reality…I am sure you have the picture by now. The sole of this shoe is ‘passion’ that drives the entrepreneur to create reality out of an initiative. This is the only thing that matters. Hence when you step into an entrepreneur’s shoes, if you start with risk the shoes never fit, if you start with passion, the shoes might give you less trouble and if you start with an initiative, the shoes can make you fly.

To step into an entrepreneurial shoe you must cover your feet with passion and build the path with an initiative that surpasses the pertinence of risk. The gains must be attained with each stride of passion and the destination brought closer as you implement into reality; a dream that has been carried by passion.

For the shoes to last there has to be scale, i.e. create more shoes and have others wear them! Hence spread the entrepreneurial seed and share the knowledge.

I welcome you to present your experiences of wearing on an entrepreneurial shoe. If you have a shoe on, please do write in and you could share your experiences through this blog even.

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