Stepping out of college for my first job!

In the past year, we have been consolidating our efforts towards building Digicat as a start-up company. As Chanakya, once said “without people there is no country” and without employees there is no company. Roch (Campaign Manager for email marketing) has contributed his view of moving from education to earning in the corporate world and his experiences.

I thought we should share this interesting note from Roch on our blog.

Considering the last day of my college, it was actually difficult to believe that I need to ‘mend my life’ now onwards. It almost gave me a feeling of being culled out of my social life, after college got over the term, “existing in world” came into my mind. Being a fresher it was like being a newly born baby who had to learn all things on its own. Nothing seemed to work as I used to believe while getting into a college.

colorgraduateInterviews seemed like hell, at the end of every interview the thought of getting selected were suffused in my mind but the interview always used to end with “Thanks for coming, we will call and let you know”, however that call never came. First job for me was really difficult to find, not because there are less companies but because a fraction of these companies excite a fresher. The situation was quite a hassle for me, being a fresher was like a below average student running to get admission in an engineering college.

Getting into a company that interests me was quite difficult as they weren’t showing any interest in me; so, I started looking for those who showed a little interest and thought that I may be capable enough to be a part of their corporate business. A thought prevailed in my mind, “the lessons we learn in college are nothing compared to what we learn after getting out of college”.

However my long wait was over when I finally got selected in an MNC as a software developer. After three stress filled rounds Aptitude, Technical and the final – a formal HR round. Now the question was how am I going to survive this corporate world? What sort of changes will it bring in my behaviour?

I still remember my first day in office, People seemed aggressive, was introduced to a new culture, and social life slowly vanished. Anyways, surviving teaches you everything. Initially it took me nearly a couple of months to simply adapt to the system but over time, rather than surviving; I actually started enjoying my life. Now looking at what I am today makes me feel proud of the steps that I took from college for my first job!

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