World Health Day

World Health Organisation (WHO) was established in 1948, created on 7th April 1950; “” to be celebrated every year on this day. This day was created to draw worldwide attention to a subject of major importance to global health each year.

For 2012 the focus is on Ageing and good health that adds years to your life. Hence the theme for this year is, Good Health Adds Years to Life.

While technology has helped us improve the quality of life, it has also taken years away from our life. Technology comes with its own side effects.

electric towerartFor instance most wireless technology uses microwaves to transmit data across the air. We are exposed to various forms of radiation that are caused by technology that forms part of our daily lives, Mobile phones and cell towers, Wifi routers, Television, cordless phones and electrical gridlines.

The intention is to draw your attention to the effects of these devices and the norms that need to be implemented to mitigate their ill effects. If we decide to inform the sellers of such devices that we will not be willing to purchase a device unless it meets certain norms, we will be able to add years to our life.

EMR or Electromagnetic radiation is a wave of radiation that affects not just humans but all living beings including plants. Anything that uses electricity creates electromagnetic fields of radiation around it. The intensity may vary depending on the quantum of electricity used. This means that transformers and electric gridlines would form the highest creators of electromagnetic radiation. While these are contained by absorbers, today we have more modern users of DC current which emit greater amounts of EMFs. For instance an iron box would emit Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) of radiation whereas a television may emit high intensity of radiation and monitors even more. Hence more modern technology uses High frequency (HRF) of EMR in the range of Microwaves. A cordless phone operates in the same range as a microwave oven!

pinealWhen we are exposed to such radiation, it mostly affects your pineal gland which controls hormonal balance in your body. The affects are not fatal in short periods and hence most government are sceptical about its effects and are taking a neutral stance calling it a non-issue until there is a fatality linked to such radiation.

For more details on EMF you can visit WHO reports on exposure to EMF and its effects here. So why is this a major concern in India? Our government has one of the worst norms for radiation level compliance putting our life in the hands of service providers money power.


On this day, I would urge you to add years to your life by spreading the message on EMF and its affects so we may create better norms and continue to convenience our lives with technology.

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