Happy Mothers Day

This morning our house caretaker walked in asking for a loan so she could educate her son in college. She could not even pronounce or read the name of his college but brought all his papers over to show me that she needed the loan which she could repay over the year. If you are not blessed with wealth, being blessed with a mother may be all you need!

Wishing each and every mother as she is a blessing not in disguise!

Mothers Day was invented in US by the efforts of Anna Marie Jarvis who campaigned to make it a National Holiday on May 8th 1914 by President Woodrow Wilson. Mothers Day is mostly represented by Carnations given to the best mother. However, this day ahs been heavily commercialized and today the digital world offers a lot more gifts for your mother. The most precious being new ways to wish her.

The digital world is one that is as recent as days like Mother’s Day. However, in effect the digital world has not only made the world smaller but also closer and helps make mothers feel more special! On this day several corporates, individuals and groups take time out to wish mothers on this special day in memory of all the sacrifices, efforts and creativity she has shown in order to make you and me a cushioned future. Some of the non-commercial wishes to each every mother that I could find on the internet are listed below.

Google doodle on Mothers day


A complete website dedicated to Mothers: http://www.dayformothers.com/

Youtube changes their logo to messages brought forth through Mother’ day to support a cause.






Twitter was no exception with Justin Bieber taking advantage with his new song.
#Happy Mothers Day being the top trending tweets this morning.


These days are great to wish and bring our loved ones close, However, I still believe that a phone call and wishing my mother or spending time with her has always been more effective than money’s worth.

Wishing each and every mother a Happy Mother’s Day – You are special!

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