GMAIL will soon beat Microsoft and Yahoo to be the Number 1 Email Client service provider!

What you will find in this blog: A re-check on Gmail‘s game-plan that keeps email marketers guessing.

Google still remains the undisputed Search Engine with the current ranking Number 1 with total visits 1,498,075,355 which is 65.08% comparing with other search engines till 1st July 2012. Gmail Empowered by Google the Web Mail Service Provider – Gmail is at the third position of the “Top Websites Visited” behind Facebook and YouTube according to analysis done by Experian Hitwise USA on 21st July 2012.

Microsoft’s Hotmail also known as windows live mail, the first large scale email service maintains the top position with Yahoo securing the second place and Gmail at the third position but in recent years the graph is tipping; with Gmail moving north. If the current statistics are to be believed, Gmail is fast moving ahead of Yahoo and Hotmail, the only other two competing Web Mail Providers.

So what attracts users to Gmail?

The answer is the same as why Google is the top search engine. Gmail makes ‘email’ easy to find sort and discover.

Gmail–Priority Inbox. One more reason Gmail is going to be No. 1

Easy to Use

It is really all in the spam filters used by Gmail which comes from years of research in algorithm and search filtering. Gmail segregates email sent by various bulk email senders based on a robust algorithm that culls out the good from the bad. The filters are washed against a checklist that is very different than the ones present in Yahoo and Hotmail. The ease of use and convenience provided by Gmail makes your mail sorting task simpler and more quick. Gmail actually figures which email, From who, with what importance should be placed where!

gmail screen shot with pointers on gmail help

Gmail sorts your email intuitively

Sorting of emails

Gmail does not only segregate emails but also has checks against malware and virus. Notice how it scans any attachment and informs you if it is safe to download.With such a strong filtering process it is no wonder that your relatives and friends are easily able to reach you while spam stays behind in the spam folder. The growth of Gmail over other email service providers has seen a rather progressive evolution and that is what puts Gmail ahead of the game.

Discover your emails

Keeping spam out is not the only reason for users being sticky on Gmail. So what then makes Gmail more intuitive than other email service providers?

Gmail learnt very early that online users seek interactive engagement. It is not possible for Gmail to comprehend a billion users and what they would see as legitimate email and spam. Hence Gmail gave control to the users early on. Notice when you write “attachment” in your email but do not attach any file, Gmail asks you if you missed the attachment? Yes they conduct not just a spell check but also a keyword search on your emails.

The whole premise of Gmail is that conversations and labels help their users keep a clean and tidy Inbox. Engaged email are those that interact with users through message opens and clicks. Engagement means clicking, scrolling, deleting, and marking as important. Engagement also means marking as spam or starring certain emails or just marking as unread. While interacting you are constantly informing Gmail about the sender’s reputation.

This is precisely why Gmail gives consumerism a name on the internet! Users now decide how bulk email marketers like ourselves (digicat) interact with you and placate you constantly to keep our IPs clean and away from your spam folder!


While researching on beating email service provider spam filters we discovered that these filters are really not meant for spam but to help marketers like ourselves stay in your inbox. Therefore, we at Digicat felt that it was important to understand our biggest hurdles and befriend their intentions. This way we collaborate with Gmail to help our customer communication reach their inbox. Email Marketing at digicat comes from years of experience and constant research of Email service provider intentions. We do not study their algorithms, we study their intentions and hence achieve above standard deliver-ability rates.

At Digicat we work on email communication with a checklist that begins with a static IP and ends at a conversation with our client’s customers. We look forward to sharing our research on various email service providers with you and hope that you will collaborate with us in communicating better without misconceiving good intentions as a hurdle.

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