Which Email Marketing Software Service should I rent?

Email service providers provide different options like SAAS, cloud, plugin and server options. While these are detailed options post first level filtering. Your first level search may only include Deliverability and Pricing!

For email marketing you need an email marketing software solution. At we decided to compile the list of top email service providers worldwide for you! We have gone through various email marketing service providers and ranked them based on features and pricing.Email marketing is essential for Lead Generation and Business Development and is probably the first low hanging fruit that every business and startups discover.

The oldest form of communication on the internet has evolved and the better you carry your email marketing strategy the more business you develop for you company/product. There are a lot of different email marketing software available in the market but to categorize and choose one which suits your Business Domain needs some time consuming research work. Since we at digicat believe that we should work in increasing value for our clients, we decided to put the list together for you.

While this blog may not give you a complete picture, it will give you a starting point in assessing your email marketing software vendor. Here we focus on pricing of email marketing software’s as price and deliverability per email sent is one of the largest challenges before choosing an email service provider.

“2012 Best Email Marketing Service Comparisons and Reviews” provide the following five as the top ranked email service providers in the world.

Rank 1: iContact
Rank 2: Benchmark Email
Rank 3: Constant Contact
Rank 4: Pinpointe
Rank 5: GetResponse

Since we are an Indian firm, we decided to check out their Indian rupee pricing to give an exact comparison. The following table explains the pricing, along with the number of Contacts/Email ID’s in your list. The pricing is on Monthly frequency and hence priced accordingly.

Contact Limit


Benchmark Email

Constant Contact



Up to 500 Contacts






Up to 1,000 Contacts






Up to 2,500 Contacts






Up to 5,000 Contacts






Up to 10,000 Contacts






Up to 25,000 Contacts






Pricing as on September 2012

Email marketing services are an excellent way for your business to professionally communicate with your potential subscribers and customers. Regular newsletters and advertising email campaigns allow you to grow your business effectively, and surveys give you valuable feedback.

However, email marketing has evolved to more than choosing the right service provider. You would need to comprehend metrics such as “CTOR” and Open % or just plain html do’s and don’t’s to understand why your email is reaching the spam folder or not getting delivered to your intended base! Albert Einstein once said, “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” What Einstein had said might hit the very base of email metrics, for instance in which email do I need to look at open % and which email should I concentrate on or bounce%. Digicat Digital marketing comes with several years of expertise to decipher what should be counted and when. We are a full service agency that helps you with designing your email, landing pages and even tell you where your submit button would gain greater responses. Digicat is a consulting firm that helps you get better conversions and reduces your cost of acquisition. For more details click here.

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