INBOUND MARKETING–A new era for Digital Marketing

Solicitation is officially dead for the modern marketer!

In this new world where we strive and work hard towards being relevant, it is hard to put ourselves in a position where we have to ‘beg for attention’. In the traditional world where everyone had few options we would always win our audience by increasing our #ShareOfVoice in any given media. For instance if the audience changed channels while our advertisement was playing we could simply increase the advertisements to be present on all channels. However today they would just turn off their television and download their visual entertainment! The options have increased, the attention span has reduced and the inertia has slowed any response to procrastination.

60 seconds of gadgets

Try it!

Take a newspaper and scream the latest #news on the sidewalk and see if anyone cares? You might have a taxi driver stop by and tell you that he just read that news on his mobile phone! OR you might have an old gentlemen ask you to bring your voice down cause there is so much of latest news these days that even the headliners are confused!

So you think you are part of the new age digital marketing industry?

How many ads do you notice online in a day? How many of them do you read and click through? Fewer…. Now, how many of the products do you remember? Digital marketing was a replacement for Lester Wunderman’s direct marketing but has outgrown its own options! If we are to engage and interact with our potential customers we must speak to them as equals and not as a vendor of paid goods!!

A new era for Digital Marketing – INBOUND MARKETING

There is more work involved, now don’t run away! it diminishes as you work harder towards it. Inbound marketing refers to pertinence of content in the right place and that precise moment that a potential audience is looking for it. For example if you were looking for Inbound Marketing, you would turn first to Google who would show you that this was a brain child of in USA. The keywords and SEO work has been a constant effort of hubspot since 2006 which has rewarded them with fine timing on Google. You might argue that advertising is based more on a departmental concept rather than a rice shopping mission. Then again, say we were reading an article on the plummeting gold prices in the US and found a link to a podcast from a veteran consultant of the BFSI sector who spoke about how won should invest in gold in India as it is still a good hedge for inflation here. The veteran just happened to be from ABC bank which becomes your first logical choice for the investment!  Hence inbound marketing can work in several scenarios as it follows the directive of  feeding on customer interest. Its like a pied piper who makes consumers who find certain information relevant follow the information to your house where you can discuss your brand values over a soft one way conversation and yet get solicited response!

The question now really is whether you want to beg for leads or work towards having them come over to you? is going inbound from this day on which means a lot of hard work, losing some clients and work force but we believe this is the future trend.

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